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What is a competency based interview?

Competency Based Interview Techniques

Be prepared and be in the driving seat when it comes to a competency based interview. In my experience every interview is competency based, it’s a line of questioning that is thorough.  HR professionals are fully trained to deliver these questions and have been following this style for a number […]

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GDPR – Thank You from BranWell Ford

GDPR Project Plan

I have to say thank you for #GDPR support and I am pleased that the first major part of the project for BWF) happens Friday 6pm. Thank you ITM Ltd – I attended a seminar on The Pensions Dashboard in 2017, specific for the pensions industry and this covered GDPR. As an ex-pension professional […]

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Recruitment Tips for Employers

INTERVIEW TECHNIQUES FOR EMPLOYERS In a candidate short marketplace, the interview is your opportunity to make an impression to a new prospect employee, sell your opportunity and identify if they are a company fit in terms of personality and ability to undertake the role and develop both […]

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6 reasons why recruitment PSLs do not always work

PSLs do not always work.

All smaller recruitment firms love the kudos of securing a PSL, a well respected firm has chosen our recruitment company to be a supplier. It is a great feeling but move with caution, sometimes things go wrong and your client may not adhere to the promises they […]

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Recruitment Costs – Are you getting value for money

Recruitment Tips for Employers

  There have been many articles written around recruitment costs for companies and there has been a change in the landscape for in-house recruitment and a move away from recruitment agency services. To be fair, a decade ago costs did spiral out of control and some agencies […]

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Ho-ho-hold on Santa!

Prepping Santa for a job interview.

Santa does a fantastic job and he seems to love it, but what if he called me to say he wants to try something new? I’d have to start by considering what type of work his ‘transferable skills’ might suit. A few possibilities spring to mind:   […]

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What recruiters really mean when we say….

What recruiters really mean when we say... BWF

Like it or loathe it, every profession has its own industry speak. If you’re not an insider you might sometimes wonder whether you’re being told the truth, or given the brush-off. Here’s my quick candidate’s guide to what recruiters really mean when we say things like: “We’ll […]

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Are you just too busy to find a job?

PSLs do not always work.

I think there is a lot of pressure on workers at the moment due to a mix of having demanding jobs and busy home lives. I was talking to one of my candidate’s last week who felt that if their pay was truly calculated against the hours […]

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Is getting a new job like getting fit?

race for the finish line

Is getting a new job like getting fit? So every year, normally in January or after the summer holidays we set ourselves new challenges and goals. The most common two are either getting a new job or getting fit. Some of us join the gym, paying the […]

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Company Relocation – the issues involved

Why do companies relocate.

There are a number of reasons why organisations relocate.  This can be from a result of a company merger, following on from a new business win and the need for the business to be based near the new client, to accommodate an expanding team or to reduce […]

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