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6 reasons why recruitment PSLs do not always work

PSLs do not always work.

All smaller recruitment firms love the kudos of securing a PSL, a well respected firm has chosen our recruitment company to be a supplier. It is a great feeling but move with caution, sometimes things go wrong and your client may not adhere to the promises they make.  Below are some unfortunate event’s my team have faced:



You want to see what jobs are active or upload a CV. You cannot log in, it is frustrating and there is rarely IT help.  You start the task of trying to sort out the IT issue.  You tend to forward the CV onto the client directly and then you are in breach of the terms, the CV is not on the portal, you have supplied directly.

Candidate Ownership

Your candidate is uploaded to a job and this is how candidate ownership is specified in the terms. But your client has 4 vacancies all the same.  You upload the CV and then your competitor uploads the same CV to a different job.  A duplicate CV has just occurred on a safe proof system.

Year End Stats

Do in-house recruiters have favourites companies? A PSL for Tier 1 agencies should be vended the same jobs to work on but I know that this does not happen!  Our competitors have contacted me directly to ask questions on positions they think we have and suggest a split fee.  If we are not vended every job this will impact on our year end stats and make our performance look poor in comparison.

Candidate CV’s

Make sure you know your in-house recruiters, we have had CV’s rejected, only to find out that the candidates are on interview directly with them.

Team changes

Internal recruiters can be permanent but many are contractors and there are frequent changes and it is difficult to identify who is handling what.

Line Managers

Recruitment is an internal function and the terms do not permit Line Managers contacting the recruiters directly. If this happens be prepared that you as the recruiter will be the one in the wrong and procurement will not side with the recruiter.

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