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Are you just too busy to find a job?

PSLs do not always work.

I think there is a lot of pressure on workers at the moment due to a mix of having demanding jobs and busy home lives. I was talking to one of my candidate’s last week who felt that if their pay was truly calculated against the hours worked, they would be lucky to be on the minimum wage and their basic was c£50k!

So what is this ‘work life balance’ everyone talks about? My hard working parents, now retired, think they have it mastered, but they are now in their late 70’s and I want to experience it now.  I work hard and a percentage of my pay goes to what I now outsource as ‘home chores’, cleaning, ironing and a gardener for a few hours each week.  If I was more organised I would also arrange the online grocery shop.  My dream is a dog, but my hours are ridiculous and varied and I just don’t think it’s fair on the hound to look at puppy day care.  In my spare time I would live to be a Samaritan but again this is something else that is on hold.  My outsourcing costs are low compared to people who have children, childcare costs are high and then factor in baby sitters for a few hours to go out on Friday night  all adds up. Getting the balance is expensive.

What is the alternative, giving up work, scaling everything back, but then how would I pay the mortgage have the holidays and the odd expensive luxury item. I know everyone is different and there is a great different in what I need and what I actually want, but when I work as hard as I do I want quite a lot.

My life as a business owner in a successful recruitment firm is quite different to the market I recruit in. My candidates work within the pensions industry where many firms actually do recognise the work life balance.  It’s something that really helps me present a job to a prospect employee and I will always qualify an honest appraisal of working hours and environment,  IT compatibility for occasional home working, the demands of clients and are KPI’s realistic. There is nothing wrong with a demanding role, many people thrive in a busy role and companies are not in business to have a lazy workforce but expectations should be realistic.  I speak to many managers who are flexible, if the boiler goes wrong or a carpet needs fitting they let their staff either work from home or make up the hours.  If a client meeting has over-run, trains are delayed or traffic is bad, a good manager will recognise this and thank their staff for the additional hours and commitment, it’s just a matter of complete respect.

But I find many of the candidates I work with are conditioned to working very long hours, and they are not always appreciated and it seems common practice for some companies to almost expect their staff to work in this manner. Longer term this does cause stress, sickness, demonization and resentfulness, but many pension professionals do not realise there are options for great careers with employers who do care, have low staff turnover and a great market reputations.  I do urge individual to put their heads above the parapet to see they are missing out on.

Find the time to consider a new job, draft a well formatted CV, source the right employer and then if successful for interview get in front of the hiring manager quickly. Do ensure you are in the mood for an in depth Q&A session about you, your career and what you can bring to the party.

If you are too busy, put your search for a new job in the hands of BranWell Ford, we do pensions recruitment for a living, and we are very good at it. We will find you a position where you will be focussed, engaged and respected to give you the time outside of work to see family and friends, get that pooch and put some time back into the community.

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