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GDPR – Thank You from BranWell Ford

GDPR Project Plan

I have to say thank you for #GDPR support and I am pleased that the first major part of the project for BWF) happens Friday 6pm. Thank you ITM Ltd – I attended a seminar on The Pensions Dashboard in 2017, specific for the pensions industry and this covered GDPR. As an ex-pension professional […]

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6 reasons why recruitment PSLs do not always work

PSLs do not always work.

All smaller recruitment firms love the kudos of securing a PSL, a well respected firm has chosen our recruitment company to be a supplier. It is a great feeling but move with caution, sometimes things go wrong and your client may not adhere to the promises they […]

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You’ve Changed – recruitment friendships are just not the same


YOU’VE CHANGED – recruitment friendships are just not the same…..My relationship with my clients is very important to me, but I have seen some significant changes recently and want to say at times to key decision makers, ‘YOU’VE CHANGED’ but I know this will be inappropriate. Why […]

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Interview Tips for Hiring Managers holding interviews

Taking Notes

Interview Tips for Hiring Managers holding interviews…..There seems to be a plethora of advice out there for candidates attending interviews and how to make the best impression, preparation required, method of answering questions and so the list goes on. However, hiring managers holding interviews should also be […]

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Job Interviews are getting tougher so make sure you are prepared….

Interview Handshake

Job Interviews are getting tougher so make sure you are prepared……These can be a daunting and scary process and you will often be fazed by the unknown. With so many processes and larger companies carrying out competency based techniques along with psychometric tests, presentations and pensions technical […]

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What is the cost of a new recruit?

Empty Desk/Chair

What is the cost of a new recruit…Working for a specialist pension recruitment firm, I appreciate the cost of a new recruit for our clients, not only in relation to the recruitment fee, but the other costs that are often not considered but impact on the bottom […]

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Salary Surveys – is there any point to them?

Many recruitment firms produce annual salary surveys gained from research into the market in which they operate. This is a very time consuming exercise where information is gathered from both clients and candidates willing to participate. The end product – by salary surveys is then circulated in the […]

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Junior Pensions Administrator, a career leap

Competency Based Interview Techniques

Junior Pensions Administrator, a career leap Did you know that many high profile pension professionals commenced their careers as pension administrators, and I am certain their career advisor never said ‘leave school and become a Junior Pensions Administrator!’ As someone who left school at 16, I joined […]

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