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FCA launches consultation on secondary annuity market

The Financial Conduct Authority has launched a consultation to seek views on the new rules it has proposed for the secondary annuity market, which is due to be introduced in April next year. Its consultation is open until June 21st 2016 and is aimed at the whole […]

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Millennial Money: Gen Y adopt parents’ saving habits

Millennials, the so-called ‘Generation Y’, are rapidly coming of age, with many of the oldest in the generation already into their 30s, with increasing spending power and financial security as a result. But when it comes to saving for the future, many in Gen Y are still […]

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Are you Pensions Savvy??

Retired images on a swing

I have spent the best part of my career working and recruiting in the Pensions arena. During this time it has become clear that people outside of the pensions world find pensions and their options a mine field; with the most recent changes overwhelming. So how have […]

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Pension freedoms leave investors looking for better access to funds


The introduction of pension freedoms allowing retirement savings to be taken as a lump sum instead of an annuity has led to an increase in investment into alternative vehicles such as stocks and shares ISAs, as investors look for options that allow long-term access to their funds. […]

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Respect your recruitment agency

Respect your Agency

Recruitment Agencies have had some bad press over the years, with comparisons to Estate Agents and hard salesmen pushing for the tough sales targets.  However, a good recruiter is invaluable to a candidate seeking a new position, even more so in recent times.  As well as finding […]

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5 Real-Life Pension Panto Villains


Pensions are one of the most important investments you’ll ever make – helping to pave the way for a comfortable retirement – so when anyone interferes with those life savings, it’s little surprise that they can often be seen as crooks on a par with the most […]

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What are the main reasons you look for a new job?


What are the main reasons you look for a new job?  So you suddenly start to look around at new jobs, scroll through the pensions websites, imagine a new beginning and then update your CV ready for that new challenge that awaits you. I get to hear […]

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There is a Skills Shortage – Are companies training / developing sufficient junior staff?


There is a skills shortage – Are companies training/developing sufficient junior staff?  As a recruiter specialising in the UK pensions and benefits sector, I have seen the employment market once again shift back to a skills shortage. Companies are crying out for highly skilled pensions professionals, particularly […]

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Job Interviews are getting tougher so make sure you are prepared….

Interview Handshake

Job Interviews are getting tougher so make sure you are prepared……These can be a daunting and scary process and you will often be fazed by the unknown. With so many processes and larger companies carrying out competency based techniques along with psychometric tests, presentations and pensions technical […]

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What is the cost of a new recruit?

Empty Desk/Chair

What is the cost of a new recruit…Working for a specialist pension recruitment firm, I appreciate the cost of a new recruit for our clients, not only in relation to the recruitment fee, but the other costs that are often not considered but impact on the bottom […]

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