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Ho-ho-hold on Santa!

Prepping Santa for a job interview.

Santa does a fantastic job and he seems to love it, but what if he called me to say he wants to try something new? I’d have to start by considering what type of work his ‘transferable skills’ might suit. A few possibilities spring to mind:   […]

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What recruiters really mean when we say….

What recruiters really mean when we say... BWF

Like it or loathe it, every profession has its own industry speak. If you’re not an insider you might sometimes wonder whether you’re being told the truth, or given the brush-off. Here’s my quick candidate’s guide to what recruiters really mean when we say things like: “We’ll […]

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Are you just too busy to find a job?

PSLs do not always work.

I think there is a lot of pressure on workers at the moment due to a mix of having demanding jobs and busy home lives. I was talking to one of my candidate’s last week who felt that if their pay was truly calculated against the hours […]

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FCA launches consultation on secondary annuity market

The Financial Conduct Authority has launched a consultation to seek views on the new rules it has proposed for the secondary annuity market, which is due to be introduced in April next year. Its consultation is open until June 21st 2016 and is aimed at the whole […]

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Lifetime ISAs will have Brits ‘working till they drop’

The Lifetime ISA described in the 2016 Budget speech risks removing many people from workplace pension schemes and leaving them with no suitable retirement savings, according to critics of the planned financial vehicle. Chancellor of the Exchequer George Osborne outlined the Lifetime ISA as a way to […]

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Are you Pensions Savvy??

Retired images on a swing

I have spent the best part of my career working and recruiting in the Pensions arena. During this time it has become clear that people outside of the pensions world find pensions and their options a mine field; with the most recent changes overwhelming. So how have […]

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Pension freedoms leave investors looking for better access to funds


The introduction of pension freedoms allowing retirement savings to be taken as a lump sum instead of an annuity has led to an increase in investment into alternative vehicles such as stocks and shares ISAs, as investors look for options that allow long-term access to their funds. […]

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Are your work colleagues like Disney Characters?

Are your work colleagues like Disney Characters?

In any office or company environment there is bound to be a mix of characters that would not necessarily naturally choose to spend 7+ hours a day in each-others company.    However a good mix of character types in a working team has its definite advantages, giving the […]

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Pensions Industry Agrees Stewardship is Important to Funds

The 2015 Stewardship Survey from the Pensions and Lifetime Savings Association shows near-universal agreement that stewardship responsibilities are important to pension funds. Published in late December, the survey polled 60 UK pension funds with over £260 billion of assets under management, with questions based around issues of […]

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5 Real-Life Pension Panto Villains


Pensions are one of the most important investments you’ll ever make – helping to pave the way for a comfortable retirement – so when anyone interferes with those life savings, it’s little surprise that they can often be seen as crooks on a par with the most […]

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