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What recruiters really mean when we say….

What recruiters really mean when we say... BWF

Like it or loathe it, every profession has its own industry speak. If you’re not an insider you might sometimes wonder whether you’re being told the truth, or given the brush-off. Here’s my quick candidate’s guide to what recruiters really mean when we say things like: “We’ll […]

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Will there ever be working in outer space??


Will there ever be working in outer space?? So how many of us meet the requirements to become a NASA Astronaut? Clearly very few! So what are the chances of us lesser mortals making it into outer space? Well it seems highly likely that wider opportunities will […]

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FCA launches consultation on secondary annuity market

The Financial Conduct Authority has launched a consultation to seek views on the new rules it has proposed for the secondary annuity market, which is due to be introduced in April next year. Its consultation is open until June 21st 2016 and is aimed at the whole […]

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First impressions really do count at an interview

two people having a meeting

Making an impression at an interview is one the key things we must do and according to research most managers make their decisions in the first 7 minutes. Of course there is that saying “don’t judge a book by the cover” but what actually made you buy […]

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Interview Tips for Hiring Managers holding interviews

Taking Notes

Interview Tips for Hiring Managers holding interviews…..There seems to be a plethora of advice out there for candidates attending interviews and how to make the best impression, preparation required, method of answering questions and so the list goes on. However, hiring managers holding interviews should also be […]

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Fallen out of Love?


Fallen out of love   Fallen out of love with your pension’s job? Many people we speak to have, and there are numerous reasons for this, but could it be as simple as compatibility or is it related to industry sector?.  I believe employers should take full responsibility […]

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Job Interviews are getting tougher so make sure you are prepared….

Interview Handshake

Job Interviews are getting tougher so make sure you are prepared……These can be a daunting and scary process and you will often be fazed by the unknown. With so many processes and larger companies carrying out competency based techniques along with psychometric tests, presentations and pensions technical […]

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