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GDPR – Thank You from BranWell Ford

GDPR Project Plan

I have to say thank you for #GDPR support and I am pleased that the first major part of the project for BWF) happens Friday 6pm.

Thank you ITM Ltd – I attended a seminar on The Pensions Dashboard in 2017, specific for the pensions industry and this covered GDPR. As an ex-pension professional I immediately connected the implication for legislative changes from a recruitment perspective. I got back to the office and started to do my research.

Thank you REC – The recruitment governing body has been really helpful.  Whilst we are waiting for some guidelines to be finalised that that apply to our industry sector, it was invaluable to attend the seminar in Cambridge which gave me the knowledge to set up the GDPR Project Plan.   I apologise to the Lawyer who was faced with a barrage of my challenging questions on how long can we hold the data for.  Recruitment does have to evolve and the initial data cleanse was a daunting exercise.

Thank you Nikki Haupt – BWF is entering into a new era, and as a team, along with our sister company Law Consultants (BWF) Ltd we have had to adapt our approach, and Nikki has been fundamental to support these changes within the business, and has been a real help in the cultural change.

Thank you Mirodec CRM – The major part of GDPR has been to upgrade our software and the upgrade happens this weekend.  We use Profile but our version is pre 2007.  Friday 6pm is when our cleansed data is zipped up, dropped boxed and moved from the internal server. This then goes though conversion upgrades before it is launched onto The Cloud. We are without our database for the weekend and Monday, but we will have a static database, so I am sure we will cope. Tuesday morning the team receive IT training and will be ‘good to go’. The latest version of Profile is GDPR compliant, and being cloud based we can enhance our work pattern, have more flexibility to work on the move and remotely.

Thank you CSUK – IT support is fundamental and CSUK have been doing a lot of work under the radar, testing speeds, helping with the contracts and I have every confidence that they will scoop up the data this weekend and seamlessly and move it across.  They have also maintained our internal server for years, and it has been a true work horse, so I should hand out a big thank you for Hewlett Packard.  I think 2012 one of the hard drives failed, but apart from that this trusted server keeps going, it has moved offices on 3 occasion and has been an expensive piece of kit to maintained and insured. Hot summers it needs a lot of care as the fan goes into overdrive and at times it demands new backup tapes, but I hope if finds a nice server to hang around with in the recycling yard.

My final thank you goes to my incredible BWF team, #GDPR has been embraced, all the positives of holding current data, working with people we can genuinely help, and the time taken to clean up our data.  We have a few days of disruption and a new system to get familiar with and then its business as usual.

Pip Sanford, MD, BranWell Ford

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