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Is getting a new job like getting fit?

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Is getting a new job like getting fit?

So every year, normally in January or after the summer holidays we set ourselves new challenges and goals. The most common two are either getting a new job or getting fit. Some of us join the gym, paying the members fee not to mention signing up for the extortionate monthly costs that lay ahead. Our intentions are great and we are driven by these goals and ambitions to have a body like Elle McPherson (in my case!) and the challenge we have set ourselves…..

Getting a new job is very similar, we set ourselves the challenge to do this and from many years as a Recruitment Consultant, applications are normally on the rise in January and after the summer holidays. How many of us have sat on a sun bed, taking in the rays, sipping cocktails to realise that we have a sudden drive and ambition to give ourselves a new challenge and we need to change something. It’s normally a new job or a body like the person that has paraded themselves around the pool all week!

But how many of us actually achieve the challenge we have set ourselves? Firstly to get a new job, we must up date our CV, yes a very time consuming process, especially if we have been in our current job for a long time, then there are the hours of scrolling through websites, looking at job adverts, not to mention the obstacles we automatically set ourselves. Normally in the form of, I am not experienced enough, I don’t think I am good enough, how will I get past the interview process? I have been in my job a while, its secure, if I stay a while longer my job might get better, I might get a pay rise, and the list goes on. After we have managed to overcome our own personal obstacles, we apply for numerous jobs to sometimes be faced with what we in recruitment refer to as the “Black hole”. We don’t receive any replies to our applications or any feedback from our interviews, which we took the whole day off work to attend, lied to our boss to get the day off, not to mention all the preparation and research we put in. This can be very de-motivating and can make us lose our drive and passion to secure a new job. A bit like the gym, we finally make that decision to join, we buy the latest gym wear to look the part to then lose our mojo and interest in pounding the treadmill every evening and we then start to talk ourselves out of going to the gym before we have even started our day. The excuses start flooding in and the obstacles become bigger!

Motivation is the key to becoming fit (I am told) and motivation and commitment is definitely the key to getting a new job (something I know more about). Registering with a good Recruitment consultant who knows their market will definitely assist with many of the obstacles you will face even from the initial thought “I am going to get a new job”! A good recruiter will assist with helping you update your CV, will have a list of suitable vacancies relevant to your experience, will prepare you for interview and manage the timescales between applications, interviews and feedback. All that is required from you is motivation and commitment. Going back to getting fit, it’s very similar, to keep us motivated and committed to our goals, investing in a good PT or even going with friends for the support is a great start – something I am yet to do!

All in all there are many similarities to getting a new job and getting fit and it all boils down to finding the right support and guidance to keep us motivated and committed to our goals!

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