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Pensions Hiring Managers – How to Attract the Best Talent

Hire the best pension's talent

Company Marketing

To attract the best talent companies have to sell themselves as an employer of choice.

Consider social media presence.

Stand out advertising

Interview v External

Have control – if using a mix of internal & external professionals, they need to work in partnership.

Key is to represent you professionally, candidates don’t like to be ‘recruitment trolled’ with little follow-up or feedback.

Benefits package

Remember work life balance and job satisfaction rank hire than pay.

Staff like flex and choice, think about easy access to EB apps so staff can take control of their own benefits.

It’s a digital age, home/agile working is becoming the norm, so get your processes in place to support this.

Great benefits include discount & retail vouchers, Employee Assistant Programmes, access to ‘call a Doctor’.


Prospect candidates will research your company, salaries, bonus and benefits.

Check out your firm, if there are negative comments if can impact on reputation, so make sure there is a company response.

The ‘Candidate Experience’

The recruitment process gives a perception of the company’s professionalism, attitude and market presence.

The journey from CV to interview to offer or rejection requires important feedback at all times.

Surveys have shown that 60% of candidates have had a poor candidate experience, with 72% of those candidates having shared their bad experience online or with someone directly, which creates a negative reputation of the company.

A positive candidate experience can lead to better applicants, lowering recruitment costs.

Contractor Recruitment

Economy uncertainty and the confusion about what Brexit has seen a rise in the demand for contractors rather than permanent candidates.

There are many benefits for hiring contractors:

Flexibility: Contractors can be hired on a short-term or permanent basis.

Access to specialised skills set: Contractors have all the necessary skills and come already trained.

Contract recruitment can lower recruitment costs.

It gives companies a ‘Try Before You Buy’ opportunity.

Pip Raffael

MD of BranWell Ford Pension Recruitment Experts


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