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Recruitment Costs – Are you getting value for money

Recruitment Tips for Employers


There have been many articles written around recruitment costs for companies and there has been a change in the landscape for in-house recruitment and a move away from recruitment agency services. To be fair, a decade ago costs did spiral out of control and some agencies benefited from charging high fees and delivering a very mediocre service.  Line managers had free reign to use multiple agencies and didn’t appreciate the fees involved.

I am a traditional recruiter who embraces the relationship with my candidates and recruitment managers, who historically were direct Managers/Team Leaders and HR and now larger firms are employing Talent Acquisition Teams to source candidates directly, I have a new relationship to nurture!

Love them or hate them, job portals do work, they effectively eradicate CV duplications and if coupled with online notes and feedback areas they stop any confusion.   I never thought I would say that I embrace the CV portal but there you have it, I do!  So my next challenge is establishing long term relationships with Talent Acquisition.  I am confident that as long as good recruitment processes are in place and all parties have a clear understanding, it can work seamlessly.

Time has moved on and I think lessons have been learned. Now is the time for someone to analyse the costs again.  Imagine a large company using a small in-house recruitment team and 2 specialist agencies that are at the top of their game. The measure should be cost related but also to incorporate time from job description to candidate placement, the quality of CV’s received and the overall service.

I think the current recruitment firms regulated by the REC and employing Consultants who are fully qualified, able to demonstrate a wealth of experience, will continue to offer the best value for money, recruitment efficiencies and industry knowledge.

GDPR compliance for 2018 will affect all of us and many recruitment firms are gearing up for the future, as should all the in-house recruitment teams to understand the impact of holding personal data incorrectly and the fine’s involved.


Pip Sanford FIRP

MD BranWell Ford & Law Consultants




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