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Recruitment Costs – Are you getting value for money

Recruitment Tips for Employers

  There have been many articles written around recruitment costs for companies and there has been a change in the landscape for in-house recruitment and a move away from recruitment agency services. To be fair, a decade ago costs did spiral out of control and some agencies […]

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There is a Skills Shortage – Are companies training / developing sufficient junior staff?


There is a skills shortage – Are companies training/developing sufficient junior staff?  As a recruiter specialising in the UK pensions and benefits sector, I have seen the employment market once again shift back to a skills shortage. Companies are crying out for highly skilled pensions professionals, particularly […]

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Fallen out of Love?


Fallen out of love   Fallen out of love with your pension’s job? Many people we speak to have, and there are numerous reasons for this, but could it be as simple as compatibility or is it related to industry sector?.  I believe employers should take full responsibility […]

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Recruitment, it’s not rocket science – BranWell Ford

Recruitment, it’s not rocket science – BranWell Ford – David Jones, is a name that for many will not cause so much as a blink of an eye, but this is the professional name for David Bowie, famed for many things, a musician, a songwriter and an […]

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What is the impression of the 2 page CV format?

What is the impression of the 2 page CV format? – Over the years the style of CV’s has changed quite dramatically. Firstly they were written almost back to front with your first ever job on the front page and most recent on the last. Then this […]

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