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What recruiters really mean when we say….

What recruiters really mean when we say... BWF

Like it or loathe it, every profession has its own industry speak. If you’re not an insider you might sometimes wonder whether you’re being told the truth, or given the brush-off.

Here’s my quick candidate’s guide to what recruiters really mean when we say things like:

“We’ll be in touch”

Any good recruiter genuinely will contact you as soon as they have any news. When you register, we take time getting to know you and what you’re looking for. Then our focus shifts to talking to clients about opportunities to match your skills, experience and general outlook.

The right job might not be out there right now, but if you enjoy a good relationship with your recruiter, you can leave them to get on with it, confident you’ll be the first to know when something comes along. After all, we’re sales people at heart and, personally, I never knowingly pass up an opportunity to sell.

“You’re overqualified for this role”

We’re often contacted by candidates who could do the job standing on their heads, but it’s about more than just the job – it’s about getting the right fit for everyone.

Our clients want to assess how candidates will fit with their teams, how willing they are to adapt and develop and their place in succession plans.

Equally, if you’re not positively challenged in a new role, you might not be inclined to stick around for long.

As recruiters, we’re matchmakers, looking to nurture happy, enduring relationships. So, while these words can be hard to hear, it’s in everyone’s interests for us to be honest.

“The client has some more candidates to interview”

Clients generally want to see at least two or three of the best people a recruiter can put forward. This is good, sensible practice, but it can prolong the uncertainty when you’re waiting to hear if you’ve got the job.

A client might have new thoughts on what a role requires and ask the recruiter to seek further candidates based on slightly changed criteria. At the same time, candidates sometimes have to delay interviews for personal reasons or due to sickness.

So while the aim might be to complete the interview process over a few days, this can often stretch out over three or four weeks. That’s why, when a recruiter tells you the client wants to see more candidates, you shouldn’t assume you’re being left on hold until someone the client likes better comes along.

“We’ll keep your CV on file”

We will. If we take the time to register you as a candidate, it’s because we believe there’s a job in the [pensions industry/legal profession] for you. The right role might not be available straight away, but new opportunities come up all the time and we’ll be in touch as soon as we find one that fits your profile.

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